Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Welcome to my photography BLOG!

Finally I decided to start my own blog :) This one will be exclusively about photography. Several time a week I'll post pictures and articles that I find interesting.

Shutterstock and other micro stocks have been keeping me very busy these days but it's starting to pay off with on average $1 per picture per month across all sites.

I'm also waiting for my second submission to Alamy to be reviewed... Keeping my finger crossed!


Anonymous said...

atta boy. looks good, rinder

carla said...

I love the clarity and DOF. How long are your exposures and are you using a tripod? Keep up the good work!


Christophe said...

Thanks Laurin and Carla for the compliments! My exposures vary from 1/5000 to 30 seconds (Havasu Falls). For exposures less than 1/60s I always use a tripod.

I invested quite some money in Canon L lenses and I don't regret it; the sharpness and colors you get from these are simply incredible.


Scott said...

Looking good! I love Blogspot for the ease of use. Scott


Kayla said...

You take some amazing pictures!! I'm very happy to see that you've started your blog! Would you mind if I tell my friends about this??

Christophe said...

Thanks Vivian! Yes please spread the word about my blog :)

robalo said...

hey mate. we dont know each other... but I just viewed your entire blog!
you're good! :D nice one!

anyways, godspeed mate

Ill be checking back later