Thursday, November 09, 2006


Canon 20D - 17-40mm L - 29mm - f4 - 1/30s

Our little angel Célia joined big brother Léo on November 6th, 10:27am. She is very healthy and came to home one day after her birth. She's already my new favorite model :) I'm working on a blog for my 2 kids that should be up shortly.

Canon 20D - 17-40mm L - 35mm - f4 - 1/80s

Canon 20D - 17-40mm L - 27mm - f4 - 1/160s

Canon 20D - 17-40mm L - 40mm - f4 - 1/60s


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris! Guess your daughter looks like you?! Ain't she beautiful :p

I have a bb girl too and she will be 6 months old on Monday! Her name is Beatrice. You are welcome to visit our blog at

Best Wishes, laura from the city of Singapore ... uniquely Singapore!

Kayla said...

Congratulations Christophe & Lily & Leo!! You guys have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! We are so happy for your family.

Christophe said...

Thanks Laura! Your blog is great, I love it :)

Christophe said...

Hi Kayla, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Chris and Lili, I came here for a visit, because I am editing your documentary story right now. I love almost all of your pictures. Nice job! Please keep going!

Steve Cao, Producer
Experience U.S.A.