Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Pictures now on Sale at Alamy!

Canon 10D - 17-40mm L - 40mm - f6.7 - 1/90s
Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah

Alamy is one of the leading Stock agencies with Corbis and Getty Images. I sent my first submission of 10 pictures back in February and all were accepted. But since then I did not have much time to build up my gallery, or even enter keywords for my approved images!
After all that time invested in Micro-Stocks I decided to go a step further and sell some of my best pictures in "Right Managed" with Alamy, and I sent another batch of 94 pictures. To my surprise 92 of them were accepted. One was rejected because I sent the wrong size, the other one because it was too soft...
All Pictures were taken either with my old Canon 10D, or 20D, with the canon 17-40mm L lens, and then up sized to meet their minimum size requirement. They do not have yet an online upload system, so I had to CD a DVD for my first submission, and a CD for the second one.
Here are a few pictures that I'm selling with them:

Canon 10D - 17-40mm - 17mm - f11 - 1s
Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Canon 10D - 17-40mm - 17mm - f6.7 - 1/180s
Grand Canyon Overlook

Canon 10D - 17-40mm - 24mm - f11 - 4s
Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Canon 20D - 17-40mm - 40mm - f11 - 1/160s
Climbing Mt Whitney, tallest mountain in continental US

Canon 20D - 50mm - f3.5 - 1/320s
Léo at 7 months

Follow this link to see my gallery: My Alamy Gallery

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Anonymous said...

wow, congrats! please share how the sales are with the "big guys" compared to micro:)